Pastor Mary’s Monthly Musing


October 2019

I imagine that for most of us, we desire to be faithful to our sacred scriptures - the Bible. Yet, because we are all influenced by social media, friends, family, books, and by numerous other ways, we find ourselves saying and claiming promises that are not found in scripture. In his book, “Half Truths”, Adam Hamilton explores some of the most common false statements.

During the next 5 Sundays, we will explore a different statement each week. We will attempt to understand where the statement originates and why the statement is false, and in many cases harmful. We also will take a look at what Jesus would say about these statements. As you know, Jesus shows us through his words and actions that the way, the gospel, is about going deeper, beyond the surface to the heart and to the motivations of our life actions. 

Although scripture is the primary authority for our faith and speaks to us what God expects of us (our lives, thoughts, and actions); it is most helpful to interpret scripture with guidance through Reason, Tradition and Experience. 

My prayer for the coming weeks is that this will be a time of going deeper in our understanding of God and God’s love for us. And that our relationship with our Creator, with Christ and with the Holy Spirit will deepen as well.


Sermon Series: The Bible Doesn’t Say That

October 6th  “God said it, I believe it, That   Settles It”

October 13th “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”

October 20th “Everything Happens for a   Reason”

October 27th “God Helps Those Who Help   Themselves”

November 3rd “God Won’t Give You More   Than You Can Handle”

May the God of Hope go with you!

Because of Jesus,

Pastor Mary